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Jason Mraz — O Lover Chords

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   / Jason Mraz  /  Ooh, this is a fierce love song. It's again one of those
  / O. Lover    /  Mraz—songs with so many words and impressions that you almost
 / Mr. A—Z     /  get lost in emotions whirling around. But I think it's about
/_____________/  taking a break from an intense relationship.

||: Dm(add9) | Dm(add9) | Bbmaj9 | Bbmaj9 :||

||: Bm7 | Bm7 | Gm | F#m :|| x4
(break on F#m the second time)

| Em | F#m7 | Em | F#m7 |

| Em | F#m7 | Em | F#m7 |