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Metallica — Charlie Brown Theme (ver 2) Tab

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This Metallica's version of The Charlie Brown Theme Song. This is my first tab so bare
with me. Well its my first tab I am posting on the internet, I have tab some on paper
This is the intro, it starts off with Jason Newsted playing the intro to this song (The
tab for that can be found under the name of Linus And Lucy, therefore making it a bass

Play this twice. Do not play the first part on the second time. The first part is just
something Hammett or Hetfield (Not sure who it is but I am sure Kirk did it) does before
starting the song. The first part is blocked...obviously.

          B———————————————————————————————————————|Repeat this three times and voila! Oh I am not quite sure of
          G———2—2—2—4——————9h11x4——     the 9h11——|part, I assume thats it but I doubt. If someone
          D———2—2—2—4—————————————————————————————|knows what it is please correct it through comments or
          A———0—0—0—2—————————————————————————————|submit a tab.

 If you have the song already good, if not get it somehow.

That is the tab in a nutshell, so enjoy!