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Misc Soundtrack — Back To The Future Theme Tab

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Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 09:41:21 —0400
From: Richard 
Subject: m/misc_soundtrack/back_to_the_future.tab

"Back To The Future Overture"
Composed by Alan Silvestri
Originally performed by the Outatime Orchestra
Taken from the BTTF movie soundtrack (1985)

I have arranged this for guitar.
"*" indicates loud or sustained notes
"tri" indicates fast triples

Main Orchestral theme:
    *   tri *      *      *   tri *      *

Horns interlude
g:—————————————0—————————— —————0——————————————
d:——3—————2——3———3——0———2— ———2———3——2——0—2—3——
a:—————3——————————————3——— —3——————————————————
e:———————————————————————— ————————————————————
    *     *  tri                  *  *  tri *

Repeat the main piece again

Start of outro
g:——0——————————————————————————— —0—————————0————
d:—————3—2—3————0——3——2—0—2———0— ———————0—2———3——
a:———————————3——————————————3——— ————3———————————
e:—————————————————————————————— ————————————————
    *  tri *       *  tri         *     *     *

Final fanfare bar:
    tri    tri *   tri    tri *

It's probably all in the wrong key, so feel free to
detune/use a capo etc. Comments/slagging can be directed
to me at the email address found at the following: