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Misc Soundtrack — Big Rock Candy Mountain Theme Chords

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My arrangement has a few more chords than the one that exists

[C]evening as the sun went down and the jungle [G]fires were [C]burning
[C]Down the track came a hobo hiking and he said, "Boys [G]I'm not [C]turning" I'm 
[F]headed for a [C]land that's [F]far a[C]way be[F]sides the [C]crystal [G]fountain So 
[C]come with me we'll go and see the [G]Big Rock Candy [C]Mountain In  the 

[C]Big Rock Candy Mountain There's a [F]land that's fair and [C]bright the 
[F]handouts grow on [C]bushes and you [F]sleep out every [G]night Where the 
[C]boxcars all are empty and the [F]sun shines every [C]day On the 
[F]birds and the [C]bees the [F]cigarette [C]trees the [F]lemonade [C]springs where the 
[F]bluebird [C]sings in The [G]Big Rock Candy [C]Mountain in The 

[C]Big Rock Candy Mountain all the [F]cops have wooden [C]legs and the 
[F]bulldogs all have [C]rubber teeth and the [F]hens lay soft boiled [G]eggs The 
[C]farmer's trees are full of fruit and the [F]barns are full of [C]hay Oh I'm 
[F]bound to [C]go where there [F]ain't no [C]snow where there [F]ain't no [C]fall and the 
[F]winds don't [C]blow in The [G]Big Rock Candy [C]Mountain in The 

[C]Big Rock Candy Mountain you [F]never change your [C]socks and the 
[F]little streams of [C]alcohol come a  [F]tricklin' down the [G]rocks The 
[C]brakemen have to tip their hats and the [F]railroad bulls are [C]blind There's a  
[F]lake of [C]stew and of [F]wiskey [C]too you can [F]paddle all a[C]round them in a 
[F]big ca[C]noe in The [G]Big Rock Candy [C]Mountain in The 

[C]Big Rock Candy Mountain the [F]jails are made of [C]tin and 
[F]you can walk right [C]out again as [F]soon as you are [G]in There 
[C]ain't no short handles shovels no [F]axes saws or [C]picks I'm 
[F]gonna [C]stay where you [F]sleep all [C]day where they 
[F]hung the [C]jerk that in[F]vented [C]work in The 
[G]Big Rock Candy [C]Mountain .....

[C] [F] [C] [F] [C]I'll [F]see you [C]all this [F]commin [C]fall in the 
[G]Big Rock Candy [C]Mountain