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Misc Soundtrack — Big Rock Candy Mountain Theme (ver 2) Chords

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One (D)evening, (A7) as the (D) sun went (A7)down
And the (D) jungle (A7) fires were (D)burning,
Down the track came a (A7) hobo, (D) hamming,
And he said, "Boys, (A7)I'm not (D) turning.
I'm (G)headed for a (D) land that's (G) far a—(D)way
Be—(G)side the crystal (a)fountains.
I'll (D)see you (A7) all this (D)coming (A7) fall
In the (D)Big Rock (A7) Candy (D)Mountain.

In the (D)Big Rock Candy Mountains
There's a (G)land that's fair and (D)bright,
Where the (G)handouts grow on (D)bushes
And you (G)sleep out ev'ry (a)night,
Where the (D)boxcars are all empty,
And the (G) sun shines ev'ry (D)day
O the (G)birds and the (D)bees
And the (G)cigarette (D)trees,
The (G)lemonade (D) springs 
Where the (G) blue birds (D) sings
In the (A7)Big Rock Candy (D)Mountains.

In the (D)Big Rock Candy Mountains,
All the (G) cops have wooden (D) legs,
And the (G) bulldogs all have rubber(D) teeth
And the (G) hens lay soft—boiled (a) eggs.
The farmer's (D) trees are full of fruit
And the (G) barns are full of (D) hay.
O (G)I'm bound to (D) go, 
Where (G) there ain't no (D)snow,
Where (G) the sleet don't (D)fall 
And (G)the wind don't (D)blow
In the (a) Big Rock Candy (D)Mountains.

In the (D)Big Rock Candy Mountains,
You (G)never change your (D)socks,
And (G)the little streams of (D) alkyhol
Come(G) trickling down the(a) rocks.
The brakemen(D) all have to tip their hats
And the(G)railroad bulls are(D) blind,
There's(G) a lake of (D)stew 
And (G)of whiskey,(D) too,
And (G)you can paddle all(D) around 
In(G) a big (D)canoe
In the (a)Big Rock Candy (D)Mountains.

In the (D)Big Rock Candy Mountains,
The (G)jails are made of(D) tin,
And (G)you can bust right out(D) again,
As (G)soon as they put you (a)in.
There (D) ain't no shorthandled shovels
No (G)axes, saws or (D)picks—
I'm(G) a—going to (D)stay, 
Where(G) you sleep all (D)day
Where (G)they hung the (D) turk
That (G)inventor of (D)work
In the (a)Big Rock Candy (D)Mountains.

G D 
(G)I'll see you (D)all
(G)This coming (D)fall
In the(a) big rock candy (D)mountain