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Misc Soundtrack — Chasing Amy - Alive Chords

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Chasing Amy
This song was actually written by Joey Lauren Adams!  It's the one she sings in the bar.

Verse 1:
I'm feeling nothing, but all alone
F                                 C
Just missing someone, I don't even know
            F                     Bb
But until I find them, I'll wait patiently
             F           C
Just feeling nothing inside of me

C                Bb
And where are you baby
Bb            F
Where can you be
F              Bb
Why aren't you here
Bb    C
Loving me
C                Bb
'Cause I want to kiss you
Bb                F
And make you feel right
F         C
I want to lay with you
C          F
All through the night

F            Bb                   F
I wanna feel passion, I wanna feel pain
F        Bb                       F
I wanna weep at the sound of your name
F            Bb                    F
Come make me laugh or come make me cry
F            C      F
Just make me feel alive

2nd verse (same chords as first, but here's the words):

And so I wait for that glorious day
When the one that I dream of comes my way
But until I find them I'll wait patiently
Just feeling nothing inside of me

repeat bridge, repeat chorus