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Misc Soundtrack — Cowboy Bebop - Blue Chords

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Cowboy Bebop
  Tabbed by SJ (kirei_008@hotmail.com)

A very beautiful, kind of bittersweet song that 
is played during the credits of episode 26...

The song has kind of a unique structure for riffs:
its not the usual intro—verse—bridge—chorus—verse etc
but instead the chorus riff is repeated quite a few times in a row

——————————— 	—————————— 
——————————— 	—————————— 
————6——5—6— 	—————————— 
—6——6——6—6— 	————6————— 
—6——4——3—4— 	—3——4——6—— 
—4————————— 	—1—————4—— 
 G# C# C C# 	 F  G# C#

————————————  —————————————
————————————  ————————————— 
————————————  —6——8——6——8—— 
—6——5——3——2—  —6——8——6——8——
—6——5——3——2—  —4——6——4——6—— 
—4——3——1——0—  —————————————  
 G# G  F  E    C# D# C# D#
	[Note: for purposes of tab, the relative power chords 
	above are represented by the root note, rather than
	some crazy Gsus5 or the proper, 'politically correct'
	chord name for a power chord. music theory entusiasts
        bite me]

Intro: G# C# C G#

Verse: G# C#