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Misc Soundtrack — Cowboy Bebop - Dont Bother None Chords

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Song Title: Don't bother none
Performed by: Mai Yamane
Lyrics by: Tim Jensen
Music by: Yoko Kanno

I skip intro and then here it goes, (in powerchords). I synchronized only first stanza 
first chorus, if you like it i'll try to do the same with the rest of the song. Enjoy :)

A           A             A           A    G
    Readin' my paper   in Ray's     Cafe
A           A             A           A    G
 The ol'guy next to me is loud    as  day.
A           A             A           A    G
 Rambled and rambled while eatin' his pie,
  He dropped his wallet, now it's mine uh—huh.

F            F            C            C            Em
      Sorry old man but that's just the way that it is
Em           D            D
     Don't bother none.
F#m    F#m     G      G
 Won't help at all to worry
A           A             A           A    
   //back to beginning...
 'bout it.

A           A             A           A    G

  Picked up the wallet and slipped outside,

  Walked around and walked around and walked around town.

  I found my nerve and a good place to hide,

  Only to find no cash inside, uh—huh!

  Oh well, I guess that's just the way that it is,

  Don't bother none.

  Won't help at all to worry 'bout it.

  I got thirsty so I went to a bar,

  Met a li'l darlin' with the face of a star.

  In the mornin', woke up to find

  She stole my car along with my heart, yeah yeah.


  Wish she'd give me back my heart, uh—huh.