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Misc Soundtrack — Father Ted - My Lovely Horse Chords

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The Divine Comedy — My Lovely Horse (From Father Ted)
Written by Neil Hannon.
Featured in the comedy series Father Ted
Episode: A Song For Europe.

C         G      Am                  Fmaj7
My lovely horse, running through the field
C                              G                       Am      Fmaj7
Where are you going, with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?

C                         G            Am                Famj7
I want to shower you with sugar lumps, and ride you over fences
C                        G           Am                         Fmaj7
Polish your hooves every single day, and bring you to the horse dentist

C         G      Am               Fmaj7
My lovely horse, you're a pony no more
C                     G                        Am             Fmaj7
Running around with a man on your back, like a train in the night
Like a train in the night