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Misc Soundtrack — Full Metal Panic - Confidence Chords

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intro: G—C—E—D


 D                G
don't be afraid, just do it
  Am                  Em
keepin' it up, coz' I'm on your side
 G                E 
on  your day... face anybody
 Em                  A7sus4                    
don't be afraid... confidence


A7sus4                       D
don't feel lonely, scared, ignore it
 E           D
fade it all away
A7sus4            E          Em
don't be scared, just do, just do it

verse II:

          G       A7sus4      G        C
don't be sad, it's the best thing you can do
     D                d9   G
it's ok... just don't be scared
A7sus4        D        C    A    A7sus4         Em
coz' we are here... keeping up for our goal... yeah


 G               D
just do it, don't deny it
A7sus4         G          C      D
coz' it's the best thing you can do
 G         A7sus4           D        A
don't feel lonely, coz' I'm on your side
A7sus4               A
don't be angry... lighten up
just do it (x2)

ending: C—A7sus4—d9—A