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Misc Soundtrack — Jackass Theme (ver 4) Tab

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Corona by Minutemen
(Jackass Theme)

Tabbed by Agustin Rafael P

|—5———5———2—4—5—| x2    |
|———5———5———————|       |
|———————————————|       |
                        | INTRO x4
|—7———7———4—6—7—|       |
|———7———7———————| x2    |
|———————————————|       |
|———————————————|       /

|—5———5————| RIFF 1 (G)

|———7———7——| RIFF 2 (D)

|—7———7————| RIFF 3 (Am)

|———4———4——| RIFF 4 (Bm)

G   Bm          D
The people will survive
G          Bm     D
In their environment
Am        D             G
The dirt, scarcity, and emptiness
Bm     D
Of our South
G     Bm              D
The injustices of our greed
G   Bm           D
The practices we merit
    Am    D            G
The dirt, scarcity and emptiness
Bm     D
Of our South
G       Bm           D
I could see it in my eyes
G     Bm     D
There on the beach
Am D         G
I only had a Corona
Bm         D
Five cents deposit

Outro (slow)

Agustin P. Cordoba Argentina