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Misc Soundtrack — Jesus Christ Superstar - Pilates Dream Chords

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Soundtrack: Jesus Christ Superstar
      Song: Pilate's Dream
 Tabbed by: niuguitarman
     email: mjcp_2006@yahoo.com (for questions on tabs only, please)

Capo I (capo isn't necessary unless you want to play along with a track)

Am             Dm        G
   i dreamed i met a galilean
a most amazing man
Bb            E        F
  he had that look you very rarely find
F6    E                Am
  the haunting, hunted kind

i asked him to say how it had happened
how it all began
i asked again, he never said a word
as if he hadn't heard

A                               Dm
  and next the room was full of wild and angry men
G                Em
  they seemed to hate this man
they fell on him and then
disappeared again

Then I saw thousands of millions 
Crying for this man
And then I heard them mentioning my name
And leaving me the blame