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Misc Soundtrack — Reefer Madness - The Stuff Chords

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INTRO F Bbm6 F Bbm6


           F       Bbm6
I ought to leave him
              F        Bbm6
But something makes me stay
            F  Bbm6
It's the stuff 
           F        Bbm6
I'd try to kill him
           F        Bbm6         
But my guy gives me love 
and the stuff
               Dm9   Dm7
Sometimes he's rough
             Gm7      C
He throws me down the stairs
         F         D7
But deep inside he cares
           Gm7   C7
He buys me lingerie
           F  Bbm6
And the stuff


F Bbm6 F Bbm6 F Bbm6

        F    Bbm6
I was a student
                F    Bbm6
good grades and so naive 
            F    Bbm6  F  Bbm6
till the stuff
              F    Bbm6
A handsome stranger
           F    Bbm6
some empty promises
lotsa stuff

                   Dm9  Dm7
But I don't get hooked
           Gm7    C
I'm not addicted, no
         F       D7
I just enjoy the glow
          Gm7     C7
I like to have my fun
           A  Dm9  Dm7
No harm to anyone
But the fun sometimes escapes me
When Jack gets stoned and rapes me
Bb               Bbm
Nothing numbs me better than
    F     Bbm6  F  Bbm6  F  Bbm6 Fadd2
the stuff