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Misc Soundtrack — Running Wild - Marilyn Monroe Some Like It Hot Chords

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Running [Bb]wild, lost con[Bb7]trol
Running [Eb]wild, mighty [Bb]bold 
Feeling [F7]gay, [D7]reckless [Gm]too[Bbm] 
Carefree [F]mind, all the [C7]time, never [F7] blue! 
Always [Bb]goin, don't know [Bb7]where 
Always [Eb]showin, I don't [D]care! 
[C7]Don't love no[F7]body, it's [Bb]not worthwhile, 
[F7]All alone, runnin [Bb]wild! [F7]

Credit goes to Beth Skwarecki (or at least I think it does)

I searched quite extensively for these chords so just thought I'd make them a bit more accessible.