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Misc Unsigned Bands — 577 Feet Above Sealevel - Bf 4-ever Chords

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Capo on 5th

Am C G Am
Verse 1:
Em                          Am
You turn your head and look out the window
Em                                 Am
What's there that you don't really have?
C          G                 Am
Was it the text, I sent last night?
Em                        Am     C G Am
Or are you bored with the show?

Trying hard and failing big
What's the use, I'm in despair
Not worth asking for love this time
I'd rather shut up than get burned


F                   Em
A turning mirror is all I see
  C          G            Am        
Watch others live in harmony
F                   Em
A turning mirror is all I know
C           G                 Am
There's no hope for me, let's go
C           G                  Am  C G Am
There's no hope for you, let's go

Verse 2:

Finding out where we are as we go
Turning heads follow us everywhere
No turning back, no going forward
We're stuck in the middle

Flowing, glowing, flower power
Long time ago, and so near
Take just a blow and you'll see
Pretty colours, live in harmony

Chorus: X2

C G Am