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Misc Unsigned Bands — 577 Feet Above Sealevel - She Cant Say I Love You Chords

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Funny song, at least I think so...

[Verse] 1:

A         F#m           Bm             E
I liked a girl, she has brown eyes and hair
A            F#m              Bm          E
First time I met her, she was so neat and fair
A      F#m             Bm             E
I said would you mind, If I asked you out?
A                F#m                 Bm               E
She said I don't wanna, but then she kissed me on the mouth

E           A     D A E
Then we had sex...

Then the morning after I made breakfast and tea
But far on in the afternoon, she was fast asleep
So I gently woke her up I said; you can't sleep all day
She woke up and then she slapped me in the face

And then she said...


E         D             F#m         E
Would you follow me, if I drove you away?
E         D               F#m            E
Would you care for me, if I didn't wanna stay?
E         D                  F#m             E
Would you hold my hand, even though I didn't say?
E           D             F#m           Bm      E        A  D A E
Those three words, I just can't bring myself to say, I...no

[Verse] 2:

Sixteen times I slept with her, sixteen times I cried
No response for all my efforts, this is 2009
Girls are now independent, all the boys are lost
We can't do anything, not even cite Robert Frost:

"Road not taken..."

Why she kept coming back, I don't understand
And we lived together for two weeks in her van
I was too nice, she was cheating on me
But I got the last laugh, cause the last guy gave her fleas

And then she said...


Played like chorus:

And then I said...

I won't follow you, any step of the away
I won't care for you, even though you wanna stay
I won't hold your hand, cause all I wanna say
Are those three words, I just couldn't bring myself to say, I hate you.