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Misc Unsigned Bands — 7 Car Pileup - The Polar Bear Song Tab

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The Polar Bear Song
Written By: Ryan Wheaton
Solo By: Graham Young
Preformed By: 7 Car Pileup

D7		D7	G7		G7
Polar Bears are fluffy, white and now dead
D7		D7	   G7	      G7
Their on the extinct list or in my head

C		C
Polar Bear oh Polar Bear
	G7	    G7
We'll miss you very much
D7		D7		G7		G7
If only you could adapt you'd still be here with us

C		C      D7        D7
Because of global warming their all gone
G		G		G7		G7
We should of saved them faster but we where headstrong
C		  C	   D7		D7
They paid the price for what we didn't do
	G		  G		G7	      G7
We should of saved the Polar Bears, and we knew we could to