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Misc Unsigned Bands — Adnan Sami - Tera Chehra Chords

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Hey all...
This is lower than the original scale, but much easier to play. So, you might need a Capo.

A... G... G... A (aalap)

A                 G   A            G
yeh zameen ruk jaaye, aasman jhuk jaaye
F           G          A
tera chehra jab nazar aaye

A            GD
Na na na na na na...
G          A
Na na na na na na...

A          D
tu ijaazat de agar
A             D              G        A
tujh se thora pyar main kar loon, jaan—e—jaan
A           D
beth mere saamne
A            D               G         A
khaali dil khaali nazar bhar loon, jaan—e—jaan
A              G        A         G
tu khafa ho jaaye, raat abhi ho jayee
F           G                A
din tere aanchal mein chup jaaye

A             D
tu agar kehde mujhe
A                D       G             A
chaand bhi le aa—oon jaan—e—jaan, jaan—e—jaan
A            D
ek taara mang le
A            D       G            A
aasman le aa—oon jaan—e—jaan, jaan—e—jaan
A             G    A             G
raat tu jab aaye, neend bhi le jaaye
F         G                A
khaabon ke jungle me chup jaaye

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