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Misc Unsigned Bands — Aisle 14 - Puzzle Of Our Love Chords

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         "Puzzle of Our Love"

                  Music and Lyrics By Gary Roesser
I wrote this song in its completion. So therefore, it is 100% accurate

           Em                 G       C 6over9 (open 
 Chorus—   The pieces fell together into the empty        space
           Em                 G       C 6over9 (open 
           The wonderful pieces of our love each had their   place
           Em                      (same as above)
           Powerful happy memories put a smile on the face
                                    (still the same)
           Of the beautiful thrilling masterpiece, love erupting from a case

                  (Pick out chords from above)— same in all verses

V. I—         I was a little confused when I talked to you that night

  Cause of all those things inside of me, girl they were putting up a fight

       You know I wanted you so badly girl, I felt I needed you by my side

And I knew right from the beginning that this was a love that I could not hide (oh no)

                No I cannot hide it       .And I cannot fight it      

Bridge—    C 6over9 (open A)    D     G     Em


V. II—      I came home a little late last night and I called you on the phone

              I was so happy to hear your sweet, sweet voice and I could tell that you 

              We talked on the phone for a long, long time and I was sad when I had to go

              Cause I wanted to talk to you for hours and hours but I just guess that 
go to show

Chorus —x2—

               The puzzle that we built, is fell to pieces at our feet

               And when I look back at our love, I can't help but start to weep

               Its like we built a wall with mud and straw, and it was knocked down by 
small feat.

               I didn't want it to end this way, girl I wanted you to keep.

Chorus B— The pieces, tore apart, like they were vacuumed into space

                   All the love that we shared, all went to waste

                   I don't know what to do with myself; I couldn't even look at you in 

                   All that space between us tore us apart in haste

                          (Slow down dramatically)

              Em                 G       C            D
OUTRO—        The pieces fell together into the empty space
              Em                 G                     C      
              And then they tore apart, like they were vacuumed into space