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Misc Unsigned Bands — Alder - Surrounded Chords

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E  A      C#m         B (2x piano only)
E  A      C#m         B (4x with band)

C#m      A          B
C#m      A          B


C#m		     A                 B
You wander around on these streets for hours,
C#m	          A          B
Wondering why I'm not likely found.
C#m		       A        B
Walking around like personified dreams—
  C#m		              A            B
A blend of a ghost and what's missing from me
    A	  B	           A	    B
I'm never gone, you always bring me back


E A    C#m         B
I am surrounded by your eyes
E   	    A          C#m             B
Lighting up dark skies all through the night
E A  C#m         B
I am turning the pages
       E            A           C#m         B 
Though all sorts of changes lie waiting for me
  E       A            C#m        B
I finally know what it means.
  E    	  A      	C#m  B
I finally know what you mean to me.

E     A      C#m         B
E     A      C#m         B


    C#m		             A 	       B
The roads never end you just end up in somewhere
  C#m			   A          B
A place that you choose or one you'll regret
    C#m		            A          B
But don't let it change the person you are
    C#m		              A           B
You just never know who might love you as you



C#m      G#m         B    A
C#m      G#m         B    A

C#m          G#m
We'll get it right
     B    		 A
Some day I'll be all you thought I'd be.
C#m         G#m      
Stay here tonight
    B                   A
Get lost in this moment here with me.
C#m              G#m
Surround me with you.
B    	         A     B
Surround me with you.