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Misc Unsigned Bands — Alike - Philosiphy Chords

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                C                   F
(Verse 1) The Tale of cinderella is I don't care 
                C                 F
          The meaning of life is no—body knows
              C           D      C      D    C
(Pre Chorus) When you've had a local soulcall then you understand philosiphy 
          C      D       C          D    C
(Chorus) Philosiphy is when you've had a, A local soulcall 
F        G     F           G    C
Philosiphy is when you've had a , a soulcall that is local 
            C                    F 
(Verse 2)A whole new world is a world that's new 
 C                            F  
fasion is so stupid it just turns you plastic 

(Pre Chorus) 


The End