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Misc Unsigned Bands — Alike - Sing The Songs Chords

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Hi Here's our new song "Sing the songs"

C              G
Listen to the songs today 
 A              F
Synthisised un—realized
C                    G         A                    F
Songs like ours dont go away songs like ours stay forever and a day 

(Verse 1)
C                   G
Sing the songs of yesturday 
A                  F
Sing the songs of june and may 
C                      G
Sing the songs of the super groups 
      A                 F
The Beatles, Queen and ABBA


(Verse 2)
C                      G
Goths and freaks are steriotypes 
            A              F
there like me or you with different alikes
C            G
La la la la la la 
A               F
whoa oh ho wow whoa whoa whoa 


(Verse 3)
 C                      G
Black and white should not be juged 
     A                F   
but still today they do get muged 
C             G                
why does it still happen 
      A                   F
it's wrong it's sad it's stupid