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Misc Unsigned Bands — Alton Ellis - Remember That Sunday Chords

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Play this song with all bar chords, its easier to get the little rocksteady beat.
Anyway, i'm pretty sure its 100% accurate, you don't have to do the D7, i just think its 
nice embellishment cause thats what the organ does. Enjoy.

G                     D

G		       D
Remember that Sunday
G		     D
you told me you loved me, baby
G		    D
You're coming to tell me, alright
G			   D
You're gonna walk out on me, baby, baby

G		      D
Please go on your way, boy
G		           D
Because I'm not your toy
G		      D
Just find yourself someone
G		  D
Who'll treat you right

Bm               G     Bm		            G
It seems unfair, baby, to treat me this way
Bm	   C			D
But baby, I love you, I love you true
But just to be sure, I'm asking once more

G	      D
Do you do love me? Oh yes
G		D
 now do you do care?
G	            D
No, no I don't love you, boy
G	        D
And I never will

G	        D

Bm		G
It's not, It's not unfair to you, boy
Bm		    G
Because I, I didn't care for you, boy
Bm		C	      D    D7
So darling, just go, just go away
G		D	G		D
So once more I tell you, please leave me alone boy