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Misc Unsigned Bands — Amor Mallari - I Will Iyah Chords

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I Will (Iyah)
by Amor Mallari

Intro: A—E—F#m—D

Verse 1: A—E—F#m—D

When you feel that you are all alone
And nobody wants you to come along
And when you're in the mid of rain
Then you know you just call my very name

Pre—chorus: A—E—F#m—D

And I'll be there
To give you a care

Chorus: A—E—F#m—D

And I will keep you safe and strong
I will shelter you in every coming storm
And if you ever make a call
Then you know you'll never be alone
Not anymore...

Verse II: A—E—F#m—D

When time comes that they've closed their door
And nobody wants you to adore
That you feel you can't fight no more
Then I'll be your knight in shining armor


Instrumental: A—E—F#m—D

(Chorus except last word)

+++ a song i dedicate for Iyah+++