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Misc Unsigned Bands — Amvianz - Written By Paeng Chords

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This song was written for Moppet to Forgive Rappers
  "what can i do to let me have a chance to proove myself to you"

              WRITTEN BY PAENG

Intro D—A—Bm—G (2x)
      G—C—G(fast Power Chords)

    D                G
     I made a mistake that night
    D                              G
     is there any chance for me tonight
    D               G
     to make it right
    D                  G
     I wrote this for you
    D                               G
     so give me luck and forgive me too
    D                  G
     'coz this is for you

    Am             Bm  C#m            Dm
     But now im alone, waiting for you
    C#m               Dm(>)
     to Forgive me soon

    D                A Bm               G
     Written in sorrow Coz I feel so empty
    D                       A  Bm                 G
     Coz your not here with me and spending the night
    D                    A               Bm 
     all alone in the darkness of my wondering thoughts
             G(!)(first Chorus) (>)(second Chorus)
     about you

    D                    G
     I'll sing this for you
    D                                     G
     Is there a chance you could love it too
    D                   G
     Coz this is about you

    Am                Bm C#m            Dm
     But im still alone, writing for you
    C#m              Dm
     to forgive me soon


    D               A
     If i have to write
    Bm             G       
     my next song then thats my
    D             A
     chance for you 
    Bm              G
     to forgive me soon

Instrumental: Guitar1: D—A—Bm—G(2x)
              Guitar2: Power Chords with Distortion
                       D—A—Bm—G(2x) G—C—G(Fast Change)