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Misc Unsigned Bands — Anarchy 80 - The New Moon Tab

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This song was written with sadness and hatred. You have to put ur whole hate into the
as you play the guitar cause only then you can feel the hate and passion in the lyrics.
song was just made for the clear reason why it was made. To show people are doing 
with their lives. Rate it if you want. this song is really a Basterd song so rate it as
please. I really dont care.


"The New Moon"

I remember when,
Back when i had a 1st kiss,
Back when i was a young lad and a man,
I remember when I took her virginity,
But man that was so far back,

Now I have changed,
I have been forsaken,
The evil has dawned,
and people hail satin,
No man stand before,
God and his witness,
I guess its time to call upon the curtains,

Now Let the Moon shine through,
And let the children die too,
No man is guilty,
And no man is Innocent,
No Man shall claim,
To what he has fucking made,
this massacre of hell and forsaken pain,
I guess God is gone,
And I guess he left us,
To go buy a ticket to the fucking county bus,
And if he foreclose on all of our lives,
then lets us all start and begin to die,
A new moon has dawned,
upon us all,
We are screwed,
out of the good news,
No more allies,
And no more friends,
It is up to us to make this story end,
So say your "goodbyes",
say your "fuck yous",
this is the time to go and find your good news,
No more lies,
No more hatred,
and no more hailing fucking satin,
Let us all die,
And let us burn,
Into the fire that we have earned,
Let the moon shine,
as our lives end,
Let satin get the last win,
We all shall die,
Burn and die,
Let us all cry,
For our future is so fucking clear.