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Misc Unsigned Bands — Andy Stewart - Donald Wheres Your Trousers Chords

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Donald Where's Your Trousers?Andy Stewart.
Top of the charts in '61 and again in '89.
He did part of the song as an Elvis impersonation
and it's great.

I just got down from the Isle of Skye,
I'm no' very big and I'm awfully shy,
the lassies shout as I go by...
G                   Am
Donald where's your trooosers?

Let the winds blow high,

Let the winds blow low,
through the streets in my kilts I go..
And all the ladies say hello..
G                   Am
Donald where's your trousers?

2. A lady took me to a ball
And it was slippery in the hall,
I was afraid that I would fall
cause I had nae o' ma trousers.
3. They'd like to wed me everyone
Just let them catch me if they can..
You canna put the breeches on a highland man
Who doesn't like wearing trousers.
4. To wear the kilt is my delight,
It isn't wrong, I know it's right.
The highlanders would get a fright
If they saw me in me trousers.
5. Well I caught a cold and me nose was raw
I had no handkerchief at all,
So I hiked up my kilt and I gave 'er a blow,
Now you can't do that with trousers.
6.The lassies love me, everyone,
Just let them catch me if they can,
you canna get the breeches off a Highland man,
Cause he does not wear the trooosers.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.