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Misc Unsigned Bands — Angelus - Falling For You Tab

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this is an original song composed by mikey bunda, lead male vocalist of angelus...
this song is deicated to the girl he fastly and suddenly he's falling for..
its a nice song!!
hope you enjoy it!!

pluck the intro
strum the verses pre—chorus and chorus
[——2———2 —————2———2————|—2———2———2———2————]


    A        E   (3x not that on th third time just do the A part do not include the E 
then c#m         bm (2x)

1st verse

I cant help myself
I dont know why
i guess its faith
its getting stronger everyday


    A                 C#m
i'm falling without a reason
E                   Bm  A
falling and i cant stop it
Bm                C#m
suddenly i care for you
Bm                          A E
oh and now i'm starting to love you

verse 2

why is it like this
its like i have no choice
i'll follow my heart
and give in to this love

c#m                   Bm
it's starting to make sense
c#m               Bm
you're the one for me
 A                 E
and i'll follow my heart
c#m                         A
the heart thats fallin for you

[—0—0—0—0————then c#m—Bm(2x)——]
              d             n       n   eeeeeee
[——0——]       d     o o     n n     n   e
[——0——]       d   o     o   n   n   n   e
[——2——]     d d   o     o   n    n  n   eeeeeee
[——2——]    d  d   o     o   n     n n   e
[—————]    d  d   o     o   n      nn   e
[—————]     d d     o o     n       n   eeeeeee

hope you all enjoyed the song!!

mikey bunda— 4:01am
_ _ _ _ _ this song is for you