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Misc Unsigned Bands — Angry Flamon - The Word Word Chords

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Em, G, Em, Am, Em, G, Em, D

Em, G, Em, Am, Em, G, Em, C
The first time that God came into my life he had shown me the light and I never thought 
could be so bright
I guess thats why its called the light because its so bright and why its called the light

Em, G, Em, Am, Em, G, Em, D
The devil told Adam and Eve to eat the fruit off the tree, not knowing the consequences 
would be set free
So God decided to destroy the sin in the world, so he sent a huge friggin whippeddy 
whip whoop whirl

Em, G, Em, Am, Em, G, Em, D
Before he did he told Noah to build an ark, and for fourty days and fourty nights a 
adventure he was to embark
He told him to look out for a dove, and a colorful rainbow that was shining from above

Em, G, Em, Am, Em, G, Em, C, Em, G, Em, Am, Em, G, Em, D, Em, G, Em, Am
Jonah once was a happy Godly man, but when God asked him to go to Niniva Jonah said mmm mmm
He hopped onto his ship and he ran away with friends, a storm came and made the boat 
from end to end
his friends blamed him for it and threw him off the ship, a big fish came and swallowed 
like a bbq strip
he realized his problem and prayed for forgiveness, the fish then spat him but Jonah had 
After Jonah had recovered he went to Niniva, and showed them the word of God and they 
said "We believe ya!"