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Misc Unsigned Bands — Anna Titova - Let Me Know Chords

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Introduction: F#m*(2220xx) A E    x2

  F#m* (2220xx)                  A          E             F#m* 
I.I'm sitting here, I don't know why. Keep looking at the telefon
I don't know where you are and why. Just hope that you not feel alone
I'll try to help you if I can, but don't expect to be  loved much
Just tell me that you are a man like one that I expect you, such...

F#m*      F#m (222442)   E
You keep telling me that I am bad
You keep crying that you need help
You. Just let met please be your friend
F#m*        E             F#m
And I will tell you how I felt

II. I cannot shout, I cannot cry. Just feel that I'm the only  one
I like you and I don't know why, please let me know when it's done