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Misc Unsigned Bands — Another Sunday - Given Chords

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"Given" by Another Sunday
This is a newer band with ever growing popularity in the Milwaukee area.  


F    F/E  G                F F/E G
I've been given everything I desire
F    F/E  G              F F/E G
You have answered all my prayers

          C                C/B
And I can see how much you love
That you would give your life
          Am       G
So we can be with you
           F                     C
You are my comfort, my friend in deed
           G                F
You are my shelter, my everything

Chorus 2:
F      F/E G        F   F/E   G
You're my patience when I lose my way
F      F/E G             F        F/E G
You're arms outstretched, waiting to embrace

F Am C G
Build the end.  First, just the acoustic guitar is alone.  Then the drums come in
lightly after two times through.  Then bass comes in after two more times.  After four
times through with everything, BE LOUD!