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Misc Unsigned Bands — Arcadeians - Im Too Punk For You Chords

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Used Chords:
     Am       aF       C        E      aG

Am, aF, Am, aF
Am, C,  aF, E

Am    aF        Am       aF
I am Punk, I am the Punk Master.
Am         C                   aF       E
There's no D in Punk cause I'm no Aston Kutcher.

I defend the punks from being trendy
Yes, I really respect those that really can offend me.

But all they say is Unity, Unity, Unity, Unity.
But they try to explain it, but they cant prove it to me.

It means to challenge the system, it means to stand up for whats right.
Not to stand up for your buddy, and back him up in a fight.

aF             E            aF                   E
You wear those clothes, you look like dressed up hoes.
aF                      E
And when you don't know what to do.
        aF      E        Am
You say I'm too punk for you.

Interlude: 2X
Am, aF, C, E

Am, aG, aF, E

Am, aF, C, E

Am, E

Verse 2:
I'm a Rudeboy, Hup hup, Rude is in my name
If you wish you were Aaron, then you are fucking lame.

I say lets listen to the Specials, you say, hup hup, no way.
"I'd rather listen to some new Less than Jake"

Well, ha ha ha, ha ha, you are out of luck.
I dont have any bullshit 4th wave cause it really sucks.

You wear those clothes, and you look like dressed up hos
And when you don't know what to do, you say

[[Up stroke here]]
Hup hah hah, I'm too Rude for you.

aF, E, Am