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Misc Unsigned Bands — Archipelago - Mri Chords

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Title: M.R.I
Artist: Archipelago

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Intro: A—

A F#m G#                 F#m—F
Slo mo is always out of reach
A F#m G#                 F#m—F
I've been waiting on the shore
D F#m
They slide you downa hole

Dm                      F#m
It's as narrow as your soul
Dm                       F#m
Now if you were really strong
Would you hold on
Or prepare to leave?

(Repeat Intro)

A F#m F   F#m     G#
Oh, Youth! You're wasted on the young
A F#m  F   F#m  G#
Time, as you know, it never finds 
                       D          F#m   
It's way back home,moments may be gone
D              F#m    F#m               
Moments spent alone, were you there with me
or not Is it early to tell
Or did yu just pass me by?

A F#m F F#m  G#
Slo mo I wait in vain for you
A F#m F F#m  G#
Light bulb takes photographs of you
And it makes you see the truth
And it makes it pretty
 D                  F#m   
Will I ever walk again?
Or will you come around
and see me smile?

(repeat Intro)

Say goodbye

Outro: A—A break