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Misc Unsigned Bands — Arnob - Chai Chords

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[This is my first chords post ever. I just started learning the guitar late january this
on my own. If you have any suggestions or corrections, your e—mail will be much appreciated.


e—mail: nightwing_rulz@hotmail.com]

D    Em7   Cadd9    G

2    3      3       3
3    3      3       3
2    0      0       0
0    2      2       0
0    2      3       2
0    0      0       3

Capo 2nd Fret


D  Em7  Cadd9  G         x2

Verse 1:   (x2)

D         Em7    Cadd9   G
Ekta ekta elomelo paye

D         Em7    Cadd9   G
Ektu ektu tomar kache jawa

D         Em7     Cadd9      G
Ekta duto ochenca kothar more

D         Em7     Cadd9     G
Ektu ektu tomai khuje pawa

[The whole song is pretty much the same chords repeated. Listen to the song for the 
pattern. Again, this is what sounds right to my ears, it's not necessarily the most correct.]

Chorus:   (x2)

Meghe theke akash chowa megh kore shob churi
Chaad porano raat jaaga roshnai
Bhabchi joto ujar kore dichchi amar shob
Ashole eshob tomar kache chai

Verse 2:   (x2)

Ekta ekta ghum bhanganor chole
Ektu ektu shopno dekhe shaara
Ekta duto baina baaki rekhe
Ektu ektu nijer kachei hara

Chorus  (x2)

hmm hmm ....