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Misc Unsigned Bands — Ashlie Rose - Flashback Chords

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Tabbed by:  Ashlie Rose
Email: Ashlie.Rose@ymail.com

Intro:  Dsus  Asus2  Cadd9  G x2

Strumming:  Down, Down, Down, ... Down, Down, Up. (switch chords)

Dsus  Asus2  Cadd9  G

We were the age of 5,

Dsus  Asus2  Cadd9  G

You stepped into my life.

Dsus Asus2  Cadd9       G

I was the girl with the glasses,

Dsus Asus2  Cadd9       G

You were the new boy in town.

Dsus  Asus2  Cadd9  G  (repeat chords throughout song)

That was when girls had cooties,
But you were the only one for me.

Flashback, about 11 years,
I couldn't get enough of you.
I chased you around the playground.
Little Ol' Me,
and Little Ol' You.

I was the age of 12,
Middle school so lonely without you.
Your name passed through my mind,
From time to time, I won't lie.

Out of all the heartbreak,
My first grade crush, stayed in place.

Flashback, about 4 years,
You had long since moved away.
All I thought was what could have been.
With Little Ol' Me,
and Little Ol' You.

(Change to picking the 4 chords in the same order)

Now we're both 15 and older,
We've both had time to think.
You like me, I like you.
The one thing, I always wanted,
Came true...

(Back to Strumming)

Flashback, about 2 minutes.
You told me you loved me too.
Flashback, about 30 seconds,
My heart's now yours to keep.  (x2)
A girl, can only imagine,
Someone, as perfect as you.
I found my happy ending.
With Little Ol' Me,
Plus Little Ol' You.