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Misc Unsigned Bands — Asking For It - This Is How Im Gonna Live Chords

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The whole song just goes C G F C. I'm sure you'll get it together.

Not quite sure what it all means but still somehow clear to me
Screaming out into the night and coarse my throat one last time
Fingers bleed, blood upon the frets, pass the whiskey to the left
No place but here to be, I guess this is it for me

It's not just a waste of time
but a few good scars and a few good memories
I'll do whatever I want
Fuck the flag and fuck the cops
Because this is how I'm gonna live!!

My heart broken once or twice, but everything will be alright
Just bring me bread and lemonade and you know I'll be ok
Wherever we end up, your new boyfriend can still get fucked
Sometimes it hurts to be alive, but I'll just get by


Not anything can stop us now, not anything can bring us down
United through our beliefs, this is solidarity!
I'll wave my black flag across the burning sand
across the frozen sea, because THIS IS what I believe

CHORUS!! then end.