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Misc Unsigned Bands — Astring Asoul - Goodbye Chords

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Band: Astring Asoul
Vocals/Rythm: Aldarel Samson
Back Vocal: Vhon Adante
Basist: Cyrus San Miguel
Drummer: Jacob Tae Buenafe
Lead Guitarist: Vincent Palcon

eto first album nila kakakilig grabe astig!!!


F# slide to C# higher chords then Bm power chords (2x)
C#/sus Bm/sus (2x)

C# B paulit ulit lang hanggang sa refrain

Time has come for me to go
but before i say goodbye
promise me you will not cry
theres so many moments that we've share


A/G paulit ulit lang

So before i go walk out the door
promise you will not lie on the floor
coz these was not the last goodbye so...


D/A Bm A

Baby please don't cry 
I find a way and i will try 
To go back home for you
coz i know you know you love me too
oh please dont cry i'll find a way and then we try

D (pause) G

I know theres a better place (pause D chord)
But not today

tapos balik uli sa umpisa yung intro irepeat nyo na lang 2 times

Tears had flown in get to grace
your breath as shown and keep in chase
this journey was not for me
and i know you know that its for you
i promise these three words may dry out 
but still..... i love you..

balik sa refrain
tapos chorus 
pahina na lang ng pahina okay.... astig!

To the Fans:
Hintayin nyo na lang marelease tong single na to niluluto na at malapit ng
ihain!! malapit ng isilang ang bandang mag babangon sa Pinoy Alternative!