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Misc Unsigned Bands — Astring Asoul - You Hate Me Chords

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Astring Asoul! azteg to'!
Band members:

Jacob Buenafe: Drums
Von Adante: B. Vocals
Aldarel Samson: L. Vocals
Cyrus San Miguel: Rythm Guitarist
J.r. Deresma: Lead Guitarist
Alex Hilario: Base Guitarist

———> Eto nga pala second compose namen "You hate me"... astig na naman to pano ba yan
mga tsong!... hehehe... malapit na kameng sumikat!!!wahehehe..

Intro: G—D—Em—C (2x)


Everytime that i see your pretty face
I am melting like a butter 
and i know it's getting better

Everytime when im missi'n you at all
All i got to do is call
cause my heart for you will fall

And if you ain't answer all my call
you ain't missin me at all

Ref: Em—C—G

Some how even if you refuse to see
what else the world could be
my love for you will always be...

Chorus: G—D—Em—C

You hate me 
you hate me 
you hate me
please let me be
the one to say...
you hate me 
you hate me
you hate me

2nd Stanza: Do chords on first stanza

I will know if you hate me 
coz your eyes dont looking at me
some how you will know 
my love for you will grow even if...

Repeat chorus

Bridge: G—Em—C

Hate me not 
hate me coz you said so
last thing i would said to you
that i will never ever love you

Repeat chorus then fade...