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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bambaz Production - Revelation Chords

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         G     Bm     A      D

         F     C      Am     D

         G     Bm     A      E

         F     C      Am     D

Verse 1:

G         Cmaj7          D                  G

She said, it feels like home when you are near

G         Em              Am                D

She said, I feel you. And now I see it clear.

G           Cmaj7          D                G

She said, I want you. Why can't you understand

G           Em           Am          D

She said, I love you. Im here until the end.


Bm                A                  E               C

So how come every time I break, you're never there for me.

G               D                  Am              C

And every time im on the ground, you never set me free.

Bm                A             E               C

On every breath im taking, you're always in my heart.

G                       D                Am              C

And all the words you've said to me, are tearing me apart.

Verse 2:

For now im going back again, to the place where I belong.

now im leaving empty handed, knowing we were wrong.

For climbing on those mountains of this forsaken love.

For all the walls we never broke, now we cant see above.

Chorus 2:

but now it feels like sorrow, I know ive hurt you too.

And all the pain, and all the grief ive shouted back at you.

But now ive finally got it, now I finally see.

You and me baby , its just wasn't meant to be.

Intro + chorus 2