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Misc Unsigned Bands — Barford Street - All You Need To Know Chords

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All you need to know — Barford Street

Intro G / Cmaj7 / Bm7 / Em / Am7—5 / 
/ G

Bm                             Em
Someone took all my toys away,
C             Am—5           G                                
broken promises of hope and something new
Bm                                  Em                       C
I was never dealt a winning hand, it is strange,
                  A7 /c#                            C/D       
How the smallest of my dreams, never came true

               Bm                                  Em
There is no one that I know, as sane as you
               C            Am—5                        G     
And I wonder, was the whole thing planned?
         Bm                                Em
Your bluff can be called at any time
         C                  A7                            C/D 
And then you'll know just where you stand

                    G          Bm7          Cmaj7            
                                F7             Em
You could get away from the rain, but you know it won't matter where you go
                C                                    G                 
You will still remember them laughing, isn't it amazing?
             Em    D    C            Am7—5      
How a bottle of wine, can tell you, all you need to know.

    Bm                                          Em
Look into my eyes you'll see a flame
C                                                  G
Got to write a new song every day
Bm                                                 Em
It's a funny feeling when you've got nowhere to go
C                  A/C#               C/D           D
And all you want to do is stay