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Misc Unsigned Bands — Beard Song - Rocky And Balls Chords

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A  A7  D  E

          A                      A7
There are beards that reach down to your toes
    D                Dm
And beards that grow right up your nose
A                       A7
They're quite impressive I suppose
      D                 E
But I think I love your beard the most

     A                A7
Well some are big and some are small
    D                   Dm
And some men don't have one at all
   A              A7
My grandma had one I recall
    D                    E
But ladies beards aren't beautiful

D                             A      A7
Just the sight of a beard can cure a frown
D                                 A    A7
Naked chins just leave me feeling down
   D                 Dm
Oh if your beard was mine to kiss
   A                  A7
I just don't think I could resist
D                           E            E7
Lately that's all I've been dreaming of

    A                   A7
Oh all great men who've been revered
     D                Dm
Have facial hair from ear to ear
    A               A7
And even though its hard to hear
  D          E                 A
I think only love you for your beard.

A7  D  Dm  A