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Misc Unsigned Bands — Beethovens Blood - Forever Ill Stay Chords

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Forever I'll Stay With You
By: Beethoven's Blood

Intro: G—C—G/B—C:(2x)
G              C    
Stars may fall down 
G/B           C
Beneath the storm 
G                C
But I'm here for you 
G/B             C
I'll stay with you

D            C
You have my life 
D                  C
I'm yours 'til the time runs out 
D             C
I'll be with you 
D                        C
Forever I will stay with you....

G        C               G/B           
Cause I.... will never leave you 
   C                    G
Forever I'll stay with you 
You're the reason why I breathe 
You're the reason why I live 
And that's why I'll stay with you.

(Do I.C.P.)


If you hold my arms 
I'll keep stay in touch 
With your heart close to mine 
It'll be forever stay in my mind

What you see in my eyes 
Maybe truth or maybe lies 
But things gone straight 
Brighter than the starry night..

(repeat Chorus)

Adlib: Do I.C.P.

Em                  D        C
And I'll give up forever to show 
Em              D       C
That's what my life is for.. 
Through pleasure and pain.... 
Through tears and joy.. 
Forever I'll stay with you..

(repeat Chorus 2x)