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Misc Unsigned Bands — Belavista Man - In These Four Walls Tab

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Tabbed By: Belavista Man
On: 19/12/07
Edited On: 21/12/07
E—mail: anthonybentley@hotmail.co.uk


A         A13        C#madd11      C#m
If I grow older with nothing of my own
D                          E          A
Will you still be there to welcome me home?
A        A13           C#madd11 C#m
No—one's perfect and I know I'm accused
    D                          E        A
But baby, let's face it, we've all been used

            C#m                        D
And now the day—light's faded from our empty home
      Bm                        E          A
Clean plates on the table; no reply on the phone
     C#m             D
What have we become? Ghosts of ourselves
Bm                             E      A
Beer bottles mark their places on the shelves

D              E
 In these four walls
Bm         Bmsus2 Bm A
  In these fo—————ur walls

Senseless evenings, silent nights
A cliche for us being; "No, not tonight"
A family portrait's never quite what it seems
Why can't I be like the guys on the TV?

We tried to work it out, but it was no use
You just looked for reasons to shout abuse
Now the morning is here, darling it's clear
I know the you don't want me here

In these four walls
In these four walls
Oh, these four walls
These four walls...

I might write another verse or a solo or something to extend the length, but I havn't 
yet. Tell me what you think :)