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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bensem - Why I Cry Chords

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This is an awesome song written by the band BenSem i've been listening to this song on
myspace page for ages n decided to tab it. wasn't that hard just had 2 watch the video
on their page. not 2 sure about the lyrics so i didn't bother trying 2 put them in. ps: 
think theres a G7 in the chorus and the Em is played with your pointer finger on the 1st
B string, dunno wat kind of Em it is but yeh.


C  Am  F  G

Verse 1

C  Am  F  G   2x


Em  G


C  Em  Dm  G  2x

Verse 2x


Chorus 2x

Solo (chords from the Verses)

Chorus 2x

Finish with the chords from the verse and end on a C