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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bill Anderson - If You Can Live With It Chords

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If You Can Live With It:Bill Anderson,
On the country charts in '73.

NC                    C       C7               F
You say you've found another, another you love better.
                     C                     G7
You say you're gonna leave me, pack up and go.
                C       C7                    F
You don't wanna hurt me but you've just gotta have him.
               C            G7      C
And how will I take it? you want to know.

                      C                       F
Well, if you can live with it, I can live without it.
                     C                         G7
If you can face your conscience, I can face my pride.
                C        C7             F
If you can live with it, I can live without it.
        C            F                 G7      C
Cause I did the only thing I could do..baby, I tried.

C                        C7                              F
Can you really take your rings off without feeling kinda dirty?
        C                                       G7
Can you really kiss him while you're wearing my name?
        C                C7             F
Can you run your fingers all across his body?..
    C                            G7      C
without missin' me a little, and feeling ashamed?


A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.