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Misc Unsigned Bands — Billy Fury - Halfway To Paradise Chords

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Halfway To Paradise:Billy Fury.
#3 in 1961.

#1.***(Check it out on YouTube.)***
D         G       D
I want to be your lover,
but your friend is all I've stayed.
         D          G
I'm only halfway to paradise.
   D         A        D
So near, yet so far, away.

           D         G       D
I long for your lips to kiss my lips,
but just when I think they may,
            D          G
you lead me halfway to paradise,
   D         A       D
so near, yet so far away...

A                            D
Being close to you is almost heaven.
    A                         D
But seeing you can do just so much.
   A                                  D
It hurts me so to know your heart's a treasure..
         Bm             E         A     A7
and that my heart is forbidden to tou...ch, so...

         D          G        D
Put your sweet lips close to my lips,
and tell me that's where they're gonna stay.
              D          G
Don't lead me halfway to paradise,
G      D         A       D
Oh, so near, yet so far away. (Last line x2.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.