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Misc Unsigned Bands — Billy J Kramer - Little Children Chords

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Little Children:Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas.
Top of charts in '64.

D                                       C   A
Little children, you better not tell on me, I'm tellin'	you,
D                                             C  D
little children, you better not tell what you see.
D                   G
And if you're good, I'll give you candy and a quarter,
A	         F	         E                          A
if you're quiet, like you oughta be, and keep a secret with me.
A7                   D
I wish they would go away...
D                                           C        A
Little children, now why aren't you playin' outside..I'm askin' you,
D                                              C     D
you can't fool me, cause I'm gonna know if you hide, and try to peek.
G                               A
I'm gonna treat you to a movie, stop your gigglin',
F              E     A                      D
children do be nice, like little sugars and spice.

F                       G       F                      G
You saw me kissin' your sister, you saw me holdin' her hand,
G                         A       G                 A
but if you snitch to your mother, your father won't understand.
A7                       D
I wish they would take a nap.
D                                          C    A
Little children, now why don't you go, bye—bye, go anywhere at all.
D                                        C      D
Little children, I know you could if you tried, go up the stairs.
Me and your sister, we're goin' steady,
A                   F              E   A
how can I kiss her, when I'm ready to?
A7                        D   G      A
With little children like you around.
                    D  G          A                    D   Bb A D
I wonder what can I do around.... little children like you.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.