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Misc Unsigned Bands — Billy Mcbolan - Goodbye Michael-goodbye Michael Chords

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                            Goodbye Michael
  4/4 (Finger picked)                      (Written by Billy McBolan)

     C               Fmj7
     Goodbye Michael,goodbye
     Em                Dm
     "Four All's" sold devil's brew
     Em           Dm
     Sam Wallace sup'd with you

     C                Fmj7
     Goodbye Woodfield,pale sky
     Em       Dm     
     Call him next time round
     Em          Dm                G    G7
     When oceans sail him homeward bound

     Am       Am7
     We'll remember things
     The songs our father sings
     G        G7               C    C/B  Am 
     Deeds of brotherhood were once we met
     Am          Am7
     I wish we'd known you more
     We were friends for sure
     G             G7
     Friends you'd never fail
          C+G  C/B Am Am7 
     Time wont forget
         F       G
     Aye you can bet

     (instrumental) 12 string/mandolin/concert flute


     C             Fmj7
     Goodbye Kitty,dont cry
     Em       Dm   
     Dry your eyes so blue
     Em         Dm
     Still your heart so true

     C               Fmj7
     Goodbye 'Bandon',run high
     Em          Dm 
     Swallow his deepest line
     Em             Dm        G   G7
     He'll fish you again sometime

     C             Fmj7
     Goodbye Michael,Goodbye
     C                Fmj7
     Goodbye Woodfield,Pale sky
     C             Fmj7
     Goodbye kitty,Dont cry
     C+G           Fmj7+G
     Goodbye Bandon.........
     C+G           Fmj7+G 
     Goodbye Michael........