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Misc Unsigned Bands — Black Nail - Literally Dead Chords

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These are chords for this song. The band are young and from Wilts. England. This is Russ'
part although Brett plays the same except the solo. The chords are all power chords
except the chorus after the solo which is really good by the way, that chorus is clean
and uses regular chords. The rest is amp overdrived except the solo which is played with
a turbo distortion pedal.

Verse 1:
 E          C#               B             A            B
 No one can know whats going on inside the inside of my head
 E            C#            B              A      B
 The crazed lunatic that is waiting to get out
 E          C#               B                  A        B
 The United nations that are scared to death of this
 E         C#          B              A       B
 Im a vigalante and im coming on the prowl

 E              Ab                C#                  A
 At lunchtime I sat by myself and thought about whats said 
 E           Ab               C#                A
 No one ever thinks of me its like im literally dead 

 Fill 1: E E B, A A B (x2)

 Now the chords are the same as the 1st verse. 

Verse 2:
 Somewhere inside of me I want to kill myself
 Everyone is different but im still the one thats 'gay'
 Im not homosexual but these people dont know that
 There thinking of a game that I am willing to play


Fill 1



Fill 1

Fill 2: E A B, E A B, E A low E string by its self