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Misc Unsigned Bands — Blackdot - Empty Chords

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Walking down the sidewalk
Feeling empty inside.
Driving on the highway. 
Road paved hell beside me,
And I can't imagine living here.
I'm walking around in circles.

One man sees the change.
But the rest are blinded.
Entertained by the artificial.
What is real in this world? 
They cloud our inner being,
By showing us empty places

This feels like plastic.
Man—made objects. 
Take me away,
So I can be free. 

This is all so empty.
I didn't want this the way it is.
I feel I'm living like a machine. 
If I turn will I find a better me?
Or will I find the same thing.
Maybe there's more to this.
What if there's something we missed.

Written by: David Lawler

this is a fun song about a place I went once and just found it very different
then were I was from, and that it was empty. So I made this song. Thankx for readin. :)